Society for Trekking and Environmental Preservation


About Us

Society for Trekking and Environmental Preservation (STEP) is a group of adventurers (steptrekkers) fascinated by unexplored treks and unseen places. Steptrekkers are men & women with a quest to know the unknown and to preserve the vulnerable by collecting the pollutants during expedition. Adventure being the natural tendency of human mind compels to be away from the limitations of synthetic evnvironment and to be close to surprises of free nature. Nature being the perfect teacher has undreamed enriching effects to offer during the course of an expedition.

Man is an integral part in vast design of Nature and has been created to complement it by his activities. Man recently in the history of his existence, has started working contrary to his designated role. This role reversal is threatening the very existence of man kind. STEP endeavours for re-reversal of man's role in respect to nature and environment by offering various programmes that take one close enough to natural surroundings and environment for realising their importance and impact on life and need for their preservation.

STEP is an NGO to help you take your steps in to the lap of Mother Nature and enjoy her gifts. Very few can resist the call of Mother Nature that keeps gesturing in its own way. Majestic mountain ranges stretched from Horizon to Horizon, vast Himalayan panorama, snow clad glowing mountain peaks and snowy glaciers, the star studded night skies, fascinating valleys, uneven and bouncy roads, untrodden treks cast their spell on man. Mesmerising scenic beauty, interesting shadows unfolded during sunrise and sunset, meditative peace and refreshing effects of an excursion make man realise the loss and importance of environment. This realisation results in a desire to undo the damage by preserving the environment. The natural environment is the basic requirement for blissful existence. This bliss can be experienced by enjoying your existence complementing nature without violating fabric of environment.